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My portrait

An Architect by profession, and Photography happened in 2018!

I bought my first camera - Canon DSLR and started with Macro Photography in Navi Mumbai city. That’s when I got exposed to the wonderful life of the wild. As a frequent visitor to the wetlands of the MMR region, I started taking interest in nature and its offering for us to see and save. With this interest, I have started to explore places which otherwise I would have been given a miss.

I have been taking baby steps towards learning photography and am proud to say that I have been able to win contests like: 


Photo of the year 2019 in the Landscape category held by Photografeed,

First prize “Winter and Life” a themed competition held by Creative Pixels,

Image of the month in some of the famous photography groups like DCP, Creative Pixels, Photografeed etc.

Image of the day in TCR India Photography and RTML. 

I thank my wife, Meghana and son, Tanush, for being the pillar of support and the encouragement shown and the blessings of my parents, without whom these achievements would not have been possible. 

I invite you to see My Canvas and get an idea of the work I do as a wildlife photographer.


Please do follow me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact me via mail at or leave your comments here.

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